Do you feel stuck, and you don’t know how to go forward? It is very normal, we all have felt this way at some point. This happens whenever we are working on something big that means a lot to us, for example, a new project, an article, a relationship, a new job.

At first, you are excited about it, but after some time, you feel trapped, especially if it’s t working or it’s not giving you your desired result.
Occasionally, we just want to give up and call it all off, but don’t just yet.

Below are 5 strategies to keep you pushing forward, even when you feel stuck.

  • Always Take A Step Back: This act alone helps you to access your current problem and look at it from a whole different perspective.
  • Ask Yourself Questions: Why did I start this in the first place, What are my goals and objectives for this project. Whenever you feel stuck, asking yourself these questions would remind you of your original motive towards it.
  • Take A Short Break: A lot of times when I’m working on a project, and it’s close to the deadline, I get pretty uptight about it, and I feel stuck, and during that period, I notice I run out of ideas, and I end up not doing the task properly, but when I noticed how important taking breaks were. I would always choose that. So yes, I recommend short breaks.
  • Consult Your Options: In life, there are many ways to achieve something, If you focus on only one way, and don’t try other options, to know which works better, then you will feel stuck, and not progress.
  • Reach out for Help: If you feel stuck, reach out to people who can help you in that field. You are not an island, people can open your mind to great ideas, you never imagined, that’s the benefit of reaching out.

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