The rate at which i hear cases of suicide is very alarming. I must be very honest with you, which is very sad because if you really dive into most of the cases,you will find out that the victims actually suffered from something such as depression, mental disorder, anxiety disorders including alcoholism and it’s really heartbreaking because most of the victims are teenagers and young adults

I was at a fellowship gathering one day and our fellowship leader spoke about a young boy that intentionally went to 3rd Mainland Bridge, jumped the bridge and fell into the water and died. Our leader said he doesn’t know why a young boy like that would want to commit suicide, that what was he thinking about, he’s not paying bills, he’s not feeding his family.

I strongly disagreed to that. OK. Let’s say he’s not paying any bills and the rest. that doesn’t mean he is not going through something. We always speak about peer-pressure, but we forget that’s not the only kind of pressure that drive teenagers bizarre. We tend to forget there is something called parental-pressure, societal-pressure and most of these victims found it hard to deal with all these and went to commit suicide.

It is hard sometimes for the young people, you know, they have to deal with many people bad opinion about them,some have to deal with their parents who don’t think they are good enough and as such, they are put under so much pressure at a very young age, they also have to deal with low self-esteem. They are not certain about anything, they feel worthless and believe there is nothing they can do about it.

These young ones need someone to listen to them, They need someone to encourage them. They need someone to support them and guide them. They are looking for someone to give them hope and tell them it will be fine. They yearn earnestly for that. For anyone thinking of committing suicide, please don’t. Suicide is not an option. It is never an option. Please as long as you are reading this please reach out to someone today, especially the young ones. and if you are reading this and committing suicide has ever crossed your mind or you want to talk to someone about what you facing. I’m here for you to help in any possible way i can.


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