“Support My Craft” Starboy Terri Begs for Assistance for His Music Career

Despite his affiliations with Wizkid, Starboy Terri breaks down on social media, asks netizens for their support to push his craft.

The singer got signed to Wizkid’s record label, Starboy Entertainment, in 2018 after making a cover of one of Wizkid’s songs.

However, it seems things are not going quite well for Starboy Terri as he recently dropped an E.P but there has been no buzz surrounding his latest release.

Many netizens have observed that his boss has not been very vocal about his support for him compared to what other labels do for their signees.

Starboy Terri lamented online, revealing that he has put so much into his music without getting any significant attention.

He claimed that he has been stuck in the middle of a stanship war, something he has no idea about and has been on the receiving end of cyber bullying.

He appealed that Nigerians listen to him for his music and not ignore him because of his affiliations to Wizkid.

In his words;

“Since I got in here, suffered so much cyber bullying, All I wanna do is sing. 2018, after getting admission into Unilag 3 times and couldn’t make it cause of finances, I was ready in 2018 to begin study , I quit cause of this music . I gave my all to it.

Lost friendships, family , just trying to find myself . Stanship war and distractions, something I know little or nothing about . Please just see Terri for Terri . This shit is my whole life …. Support my craft ! ????

Ulcer complications, anxiety issues . In and out of the hospital. Crazy hospital bills ,Mum loosing her mind , all for the music . Shit crazy. Jesus never fails , we go win finally.”

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Starboy Terri cries out for help with his music career

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