So far, So good, Google has been helpful, no lies about that. It has helped a lot with deadlines, late assignments, new knowledge, the fastest way to go is Google.

Asides from that google have also been horrifying and upsetting to a lot of people in diverse ways, of which are; diverse options, disturbing ads, and many others.

So I was oblivious of the things I shouldn’t search on google, that any chance I had, I searched it up, and it got me worried until I found out there are some things I should never search up on Google.
Let’s get right into this list:

  1. Your Symptoms: If you ever feel some kinda way, please don’t search your symptoms on Google, cause that won’t help, rather it will worsen the case and get you all worried and panicking. Instead of asking Doctor Google, make an appointment with a real Doctor, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  2. Skin Conditions:
    Many diseases are connected with the skin, and most of them look bad. If you search google, you will find online images of almost all of them. It’s safer to stay ignorant in this case because that kind of content can be very disturbing.
  3. Harmful Animals:
    If you’ve never had phobias for animals, then searching this up, could startup one. There are a lot of dangerous animals all over the world, of which some happen to be around your environment. Having this kind of phobia can discourage you from traveling, even when it’s important.
  4. Giving birth:
    The truth of the matter is, the process of giving birth is much more disturbing than what they show in movies or the stories they tell you. Searching this up on Google will open you to pictures, videos that relate to that, and due to that fear, you might just decide never to bear children. So say “No” to that.
  5. Cancer:
    There are various types of this disease, and most of them come with symptoms that are the same as other harmless ailments, such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, and the likes, that you might end up mistaking something minor for Cancer and start panicking.

Too much information can be bad at times and in these cases the less you know, the better for you, your sanity, and your wellbeing.

Let’s hear your thoughts, share with us what you ever searched on Google and you regretted it, and you won’t want anyone to do the same, and we will be glad to pick that from you.

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