Positive reasoning in a lay-man term is thinking deeply about something in a bid to profer a solution to it or to be able to comprehend the message behind it. Unfortunately, not many people think before doing things. They just wake up and do things anyhow they wish without thinking because they feel reasoning is a total waste of time. That is a very funny feeling.

Is thinking actually harmful to people? The answer is No. As human beings we indirectly work as computers. We receive data, process it and give output. Without processing your data, there is no output. This automatically means that if you don’t think things through before actually carrying them out then, it is a big problem as your decision will always be a wrong one. Some students will even go as far as saying, “My brain cannot be stressed out”. Well, that is partially true. What these students don’t know is that Positive reasoning has its benefits and I will list them below.

  1. Positive Reasoning helps you make better decisions.
  2. It opens your brain to a wide range of choices, information and expansion.
  3. It makes you more intelligent.
  4. It also gives you confidence.
  5. It makes you a better person.
  6. It creates an avenue to distinguish right from wrong.
  7. It increases your IQ (Intellectual Quotient).

Did you know that positive reasoning can make your head grow big? Wait…why did you pause?, I was just joking. Positive reasoning doesn’t do that but, it makes your brain work 3 times faster than it used to. Environment matters a lot, when it comes to positive thinking. Stay somewhere peaceful and comfortable and take your time to think deeply about a particular thing and in no time, you will find out that there is more to positive reasoning that meets the eye.

Just try it once!


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