Yes, you heard me right! Your bleeding Woman. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? Now we know one or two things about the female menstrual cycle and all the bags and baggages it comes with. Fortunately for some women, they do not understand what all the fuss is about because they are just damn lucky! While for the other daughters of Eve, I rest my case.

And as such there are things you should never ever say to your bleeding woman in sifia pains.

1. “Is it not just ordinary period?”

It’s sad that some insensitive men say shit like this. What works for your ex doesn’t mean it would work for your boo. Or because your sisters feel no pain in the world doesn’t mean the loyl feels the same way. So never undermine her pains and feelings!

2. “Are you getting fatter?”

Never talk about her weight!

Different girls different body systems. While some girls lose appetite during their period, others eat like an elephant. And so if you see her gulping down bowls of ice-cream (for the lucky ones) or eating a big cooler of rice, keep your mouth shut and just eat along with her, if she lets you.

3. “Why are you so angry all the time?”

Never point out how moody or irritated she has become.

She most times have no control over her feelings. And also wishes she didn’t act the way she is. So do not make it look like she is deliberately being a basic bitch. She’s not! So don’t say things like “Why are you always getting upset all the time?” No, it’s not all the time. It is just this particular season.

4. “It’s like this your bleeding is affecting your head”

Make scatty remarks about her period.

By saying things like “You know what? When you are done with your period then we can have this conversation”. If she hurls a pan at your head at that instant, she is right to do so.
(Say NO to domestic violence).
Please never say things like this to your bleeding woman. Because what you are doing is attaching her ability to think and reason like a sane person to some blood flowing out of her. That is not fair even to a squirrel!

5. “Again?”

What is that even supposed to mean?

She tells you she’s on her period and the first thing you say is “again”? Helloo!? I am not pregnant is what it means not like being pregnant is a bad thing. It is extremely beautiful for those who want it. But when I tell you my period has started, it definitely means the last time you heard this same line was a month ago. So you better watch it!

There are still more things you should never say to your bleeding woman, check out this link for more things:

Ladies, which ones have you been told? Guys, which ones have you said to your bleeding woman? I’d really like to hear from you, so please leave your comments. Also, there is a section where you get to rate this post below, please don’t forget to cast your vote!

Next week we would be talking about “Things you should do when your girl is on her period”.

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