Timini Egbuson Suggests 24-hour lockdown on Valentine’s Day to curb Spread of Covid-19.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, actor Timini Egbuson has suggested a national 24-hour lockdown to curb the spread of CIVID-19.

He tweeted: “We need a full national 24-hour lockdown on Valentine’s Day. This thing don dey spread too much.”

Below are the reactions to his tweet:

wheremoneyresides expressed his disappointment, “I mean, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and you people want to be doing love???? Let’s be serious nowwwwwww.”

#EndPoliceBrutality says, “I’ll suggest the lockdown should start on the 10th of February to the 17th of February.”

What do you think about what Timini said, considering the rising level of COVID patients all over the country? Sense or Nonsense? Feel free to say your mind.

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