When you want to give up, don't; it's just a feeling. it doesn't last.

Trust me—we’ve all been there. That moment that it feels like all the frustration and despair and uselessness of the world is upon you. When you feel as though everything you do is a waste, and you ask yourself “What’s the point?” Why can’t your life be as simple as A’s or as productive as B’s own? Yes, we have all been there. The question is Can you handle it? More importantly, how?

Cliché or not, life is full of difficulties. I know you think life would be sweeter if you didn’t have a worry in the world, if all your needs are met as and when due, and all your challenges could disappear at the mention of a word; but it’s not true. Think of the time you overcame a seemingly impossible challenge. I remember when I had to compete for top three in a writing contest—through voting! Of all things!

To say the least, I was scared and doubtful. But one thing that helped and pulled me through was the support I received. Which brings me to my first point: encouragement. A lone man will not stand for very long. Having people who care for you and can support you in time of challenges is guaranteed to pull you through.

 On the other hand, you could have these people in your life, but may feel a kind of restrain in opening up. One thing is sure—pride is the voice of the devil. Evil thrives in its secrecy and it will not do you any good to keep mute about your challenges. I cannot recount the number of times I opened up and allowed myself to be healed—even by God. In reality, no one can help you until you open up. So, start learning to open up; all you need is to make the decision. Once you do, nothing can stop you.

Lastly, allow me to say that without your challenges, you probably would have remained a child all your life. When you really think about it, the things that made you grow were not the good times, but the ones when you truly “felt” like giving up. Besides, what’s a success story that’s only full of ups and ups, eh?

Take solace in the fact that challenges are not meant to last all your life. Eventually, you will overcome. Don’t put yourself in denial and assume that everything is fine. Build courage; face whatever makes you want to give up, and with God’s help as well as others’, you’ll surely overcome. Happy Weekend.

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