Woman Takes to the Streets with Her Partner to Solicit Funds for Their Wedding (Video)

A Nigerian lady has stormed the street to get reactions from people while begging them for money to hold her wedding.

The lady on Tiktok, Meyiwa said she shot the video to get the attention of people.

The video began with Meyiwa and her partner emerging from a building and entering a luxurious vehicle. She was dressed in a wedding gown and carrying a cardboard box.

The cardboard read: “We need money to sponsor our wedding.”

They stood by the roadside, holding a box and requesting assistance.

Their stunt drew people’s attention, and some gave them money while others recorded them.

Watch the video below:

@meyiwa_vera Need money to sponsor our wedding ???????????????? w/: @@kumbafidelis @Dinma & @lafaluxury on ig #meyiwa_vera #placardgirl #bride #goviral ♬ Ogechi – Brown Joel & BoyPee & Hyce

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