So last week, we talked about things you should never say to your girl (or any girl at all) when she’s on her period.
I am sure you learnt one or two things, if you missed it, here you go
This week I am going to tell you the 5 things you should absolutely do when she is on her period. I am assuming you both are in close proximity and if you’re not, still stick around, your luck might change soon. ?

So, like I said last week, different women- different bodies- different experiences. Some women feel absolutely nothing, yaay! And to others, it is a death sentence, yikes! Regardless, follow me on this exciting journey!

1. Show Genuine Care and Concern.

This is the most important that is why it is my number one. Now since most of y’all do not know what this entails, I’d explain with examples. If I tell you Aunty flow is around, you should read the room firstly, know if I’m excited about it or if I’m mad angry or if I’m moody about it and act accordingly.

  • Excited – probably just had a pregnancy scare.
  • Mad angry – maybe we have planned to hookup (Say not to premarital sex)
  • Moody – (could care less + the distractions of life are already weighing me down)

You should read her emotions and act accordingly. Please and please, do not act less concerned except she legit permits you to.

2. Massages.

Sigh. Massages are heavenly. Even though they tickle me. Still, you should give her subtle massages –

  • Waist massages
  • Feet massages
  • Thigh massages.
  • Lower back massages
  • Rub her belly. Etc

Preferably on her waist or where she asks you to. But you really shouldn’t wait for her to ask you. That’s why we have number 6. Like I said earlier, except she strictly doesn’t want it.

A girl with period cramps.

3. Help Her Around the House.

Oh yes! She sweeps the house from wall to gate every morning and makes breakfast, lunch and dinner in 1 hour, fine and good, whatever rocks your boat. But during that one week or less her personal visitor is around, help her out in the house, do her chores. Cook delicacies for her – except she’s the type who loses appetite during her period – else, go all out and make her feel loved. Also help run outside errands for her, go to the market, store etc.

4. Be At Her Beck and Call.

She wants peppered snail? Get it. She craves chocolate? Buy it. She wants you to hold her, by all means please hold her. If you find yourself wrinkling your nose at any of this, you do not love that woman and she deserves better. But, if she is yours as you claim, these would just be the tip of the iceberg. Understand she might have a terrible mood swing and just let things slide. Don’t go and be carrying shoulder up and down. Or getting irritated too.

5. Buy Her Sanitary Pads Or Tampons

Now, I know most men do not know this, but there is a particular emotion this act unlocks. Try it with your woman and watch how she reacts. As her man, you should be observant enough to know exactly what sanitary pads or tampons she uses. There are different brands in the market with different varieties. But please and please get this particular aspect right. Some women have heavy flow, don’t go and buy pads strictly for light flow, you might ruin the moment.

Now, this thread is not trying to paint women weak or helpless. Very far from it. This thread portrays the beauty in helping your woman when she’s on her period. Most women still run around and get things done, period or no period. But life is too short not to show real love and care to the people we adore and cherish. Don’t be waiting for February 14 or some special day to show her you care.

I hope you have learnt one or two things. I would be anticipating your feedback. Please rate this post and share to everyone around you.


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