YouTube is currently the second most used search engine in the world. Whatever questions you may have, you can search for answers via YouTube. 

The answers and knowledge you can gather from YouTube are almost unlimited, making YouTube the new and coolest school ever. Discovery of just how much we can learn from YouTube is one of the few perks of the lockdown.

Honestly, from my perspective, YouTube is a school. The Youtubers are the teachers and they earn from it, while the millions of people learning new skills and knowledge from the platform daily are the students. 

The music videos and other series of entertainment on the platform can be likened to the playgrounds and parks meant to bring entertainment to students as they take a break from learning. Dear reader, your primary reason for using YouTube should be for knowledge acquisition.


Before the pandemic, to a host of persons, YouTube was the perfect place to go watch music videos of your favourite artists, comedy skits, dance videos, gossips, product reviews, cooking shows, learn new makeup skills and other stuff that does not require serious mental power. 

Honestly, those who understood and explored the wide range of YouTube from the very beginning are lucky. The rest of us are just catching up, but better late than never.

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What You Can Learn From YouTube 

Do you know you can learn absolutely anything on YouTube? From website designing to all sorts of life hacks can be learnt from the platform.

YouTube is currently the hub of e-learning, where anyone can learn anything. There is no limitation of what you can learn, and guess what? It only costs data. Also, YouTube has created an avenue when people can pass on their knowledge and get paid based on the views they amass.

Trust me, if you are not learning anything new from YouTube you are not qualified to buy data. Jokes apart, subscribing for data without learning at least one new skill or gaining new knowledge from YouTube monthly, is cheating yourself. 

Make it habitual to learn something new from YouTube. Some of the little things I see people profusely beg others to do for them and they pay for it, they can learn it themselves for free.

How to Learn on YouTube 

Just like any school, you need dedication and interest to learn from YouTube. With zeal and interest, you can learn whatever you desire.

One advantage of YouTube is that unlike the conventional school setting that limits the knowledge you can acquire to your course of study; or online courses in which lack of funds can hinder your quest for knowledge, via YouTube you can learn spontaneously without incurring financial burden.

A friend of mine, during the lockdown, learnt web designing via YouTube. Today he works at a tech firm. Before that, he was fresh out of school and jobless. 


Tapping into this life-changing opportunity made possible by YouTube and amassing new skills and life-changing knowledge is the wisest thing you can for yourself.

Go get schooled on YouTube.

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