10 Hilarious Nigerian Proverbs.

Nigerian Proverbs and Sayings are known to be very wise and realistic, but believe me when I say, they sometimes can be ridiculous
I would really love for you to join the discussion, by dropping that saying you feel is funny, in the comment section below.
Let’s get right into these sayings

  1. A short man is not a boy.
  2. Nobody tells a blind man that the market is on fire.
  3. He who goes to sleep with an itching anus wakes up with smelly fingers.
  4. The frown on the face of the goat will not stop it from being taken to the market.
  5. If you swallow Alomo bitters without squeezing your face then you are a cultist.
  6. If you can’t dance well, you better not get up.
  7. A snake will always give birth to people long.
  8. Na when soldier slap you, you go sabi say police na your friend.
  9. No matter how hot your anger is, it cannot cook yam.
  10. He who marries a beauty marries trouble.

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