In a world, where competition is a common thing, the argument for who is better always arises. There is always a fight to know who is better, while Mr. A believes it’s this, Mr. B has a contrary opinion.
Let’s take a look at some of these rivals that no conclusion is ever made on who is better.

Wizkid and Davido:
This is a very common argument, you find this discussion everywhere, people even take it as far as fighting themselves just to prove a point. No offense, but honestly I think they both are good in their own way, but I know someone will counter this?

Coke and Pepsi:
I don’t understand why this has to be argued about, I mean if I have to take a stance, I mean Coke has no competition, It is the best and will always be. but haters will always say otherwise.

Mathematics and Further Mathematics:
When it comes to school subjects and which is harder, you always find arguments like this. For some reason, a lot of people believe Further Maths is easier than Mathematics, and others believe differently and there has not been any conclusion on which is better till date.


Drugs and Injections:
I’m sure you weren’t expecting this, but you will agree with me, that this is something that never has a particular answer, some prefer drugs, while others injection and despite the argument, none has been proven better.

Ronaldo and Messi: I saved the best for the last. I know some are already angry, I put Ronaldo first, I mean come on, In the football world, this argument never ends, Some say Messi is the “GOAT” others say Ronaldo is.

We’ve all at one point heard people arguing or even maybe argued about one of these things, and to date, no conclusion has been made on who is better. I mean who knows?‍♀️. LoL

Please join the discussion by telling us who/ which you think is better to you in the list above, and you can also tell us some other arguments that never conclude.

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