5 Startups That Donated to the #ENDSARS Campaign.

Na the startups wey support #ENDSARS we go patronize; no be so?

Ever since the #ENDSARS campaign started, numerous celebrities have some online to support the cause of the movement. But Flutterwave took the movement to the next level when they announced that their staff had donated 2 million naira to the cause. Ever since then, various companies and startups have begun to disburse funds to the public in support.

Here’s What You Should Know about the Flutterwave Fundraiser.

According to a tweet made by the tech company, the funds raised are as follows, N10,262,703, $6,040, £583, CAD1300, GHS715, AUD105, ZAR400, EUR675, CZK500, and AED100.

This was how they disbursed the money,

  • N100k to support the Abuja protests.
  • N90k to Port Harcourt for medical supplies.
  • N2m for the hospital bills of a Miss Joy, a victim of the protest that was hospitalized.
  • N1m to the family of Jimoh Isiaka, who lost his life because of the protest.

Other companies include,

Bundle Africa

Bundle is a social payment app for cash and cryptocurrencies. They set up three different cryptocurrency wallets for fundraising aimed at supporting the casualties of police brutality as well as support the #ENDSARS movement.

The company as well made some contribution of N1m to support the cause.

In addition, the CEO, Yele Badamosi, who claimed to be a victim of the said Police Unit, donated N500k to the fundraiser.


Quidax is also a startup cryptocurrency firm that buys and sells cryptocurrencies. The company came on Twitter to announce their donation of N500k to the #ENDSARS protests. According to their handle,

“We have joined other tech startups in donating N500k to #EndSARS and are calling on other tech startups to do the same. This problem doesn’t only affect us but our customers and employees.”


Thanks @flutterwave for making this happen #EndPoliceBrutality.

Feminist Coalition

Feminist Coalition, a Nigerian feminist group dedicated to opposing all forms of injustice through peaceful protests, fundraising, and social media organization, raised N6,354,561.27.

According to the group, donations made would be used to purchase facemasks, First Aid, bail, hospital bills, food, water, and glucose for protesters as well as legal aid for anyone arrested for protesting on the frontlines.

BudgIT Nigeria

According to Nairametrics, BudgIT is a civic tech organisation focused on increasing the degree of transparency, citizen engagement, and accountability in public finance. They donated N500k to support the medical expenses of Miss Ndibueze Joy, who suffered a gunshot wound during the protests and who is currently hospitalized.

“We will support with N500k. our best wishes are with Ndibueze Isioma Joy at these challenging times #ENDSARS”

BudgetIT Nigeria

emPawa Africa

emPawa Africa is an initiative startup aimed at helping up and coming artists with knowledge and funds to reach their full musical potential. According to the tweet made by the company, they donated 1m naira for medical supplies, food, water, etc. to the #ENDSAS protest.

“We are saddened by the death of Jimoh Isiaq and wounds to a number of protesters in Abuja, Ogbomosho, etc. So we are supporting the cause with N1m for medical supplies, food, water etc. Feel free to donate here…”

emPawa Africa

We cannot but appreciate the efforts of these startups to provide fund for the support of the campaign. They are definitely making things easier for the protesters, as well as the casualties of the shootings.

While we await a definite response from the government, continue to stay safe, protest peacefully and don’t forget to pray for the nation.

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