This is for my Korean fan girls out there, that dream of a life in Korea, chilling with celebrities, movie stars, and whatnot. As they say, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, uh? (Permit my cliché.)

Imagine someone like Lee Min Ho takes you to a nice sushi restaurant and orders; you take a bite, expecting nothing, and you choke and almost die… Not a funny sight. Plus, ignorance is not an excuse. Anyways, let’s get into some pretty interesting facts about living in South Korea.

1. Many, many of them love Christians and Christianity.

Yayyy! This is definitely a plus for my Christian folks. Soon as you step down from the local taxi, the first thing you’d probably notice is the presence of crosses rising up from all over the city (…it’s nothing to be scared of tho) plus there’s almost always a church meeting on every street corner.

Not to completely let you off the hook tho, while some churches are relatively normal, others have some rather strange ideas. So I’d be careful if I were you.

2. South Korea is overcrowded.                                                                

South Korea has extremely tall apartment buildings.

Another interesting thing they may not show you in movies is that there are traffic jams all over South Korea—and not just in the big cities, either. The thing is, everybody wants to live in Seoul, or at least be connected to Seoul by subway.

Even the towns further out in the country have extremely, extremely tall apartment buildings, big buildings several stories high with lots of small businesses in them too. Like the streets are usually crowded because there are too many people in one small area.

Anyways, now you know that you should leave extra early if you have an appointment with Lee Min Ho #winks.

3. Most Koreans are lovers of Chili Spice.

Ahh. Thank God for Yoruba mothers ooooooo—at least those that allow us to eat pepper. This talent cannot go to waste when you get into South Korea. Like, these guys literally over spice everything and, like, can’t get enough chili spice.

You can be sure that if someone says, “This tastes good…” you can be 91% sure that it has enough chili spice for them. If there’s no chili spice, it is bland and has no taste.

Plus, never ask them if something is spicy! If they say “no”, you can bet it will still be too spicy for the average foreigner to eat. If they say yes…

4. South Koreans are community-oriented People.

Yup! These guys think something is wrong if they have to go home. Their apartments are relatively small, and many only go home if they want to sleep. They go to work, to school, to school after school, to coffee shops, to PC bangs (places where they play computer games in a room full of computers), etc.

Coffee shops are veryy important. The middle-school boys like PC bangs so much that they skip school and try spending their days there until they’re caught (Not really surprising. Lol).

Some wake up early in the morning, and head for local church for early worship at 5 or 6am. At dinnertime, they don’t go home and eat with their families but like to stay after work and eat with their colleagues from work. All the kids take Taekwondo, and several have black belts. (Don’t mess with Koreans kids!). Overall, Koreans like to be together.

5. Korea is severely safe!

South Korea is a relatively safe place.

Their crime rate is, like, very very low. Kids walk the streets at night in safety. Plus, Seoul is very well lit. You can be sure that you’re not gonna be the only one walking about in the night; the streets are always crowded.

Also, interesting titbit: if you lose your phone, you will get it back. You heard that right. I read the story of a guy who lost his phone twice. Once, the person returned it to the police station. The other time, someone picked it up, called him, and met him at the subway.

Koreans are overall honest, and good people. There are exceptions of course, like everywhere—but not in the general population.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek into this wonderful city of South Korea. Well I did. If you know anything interesting you’d like us to know, do write in the comments. Prettyy Pluueesee…!

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