5 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing

Women are looked at as gullible and easily misled. Most of the time, the reason why there is this stereotype is because of the things we do as women.
We often want everything around us to go perfect, our lives, our relationships, our career, and a lot of times it doesn’t work out that way.
Every Woman Should Stop Doing These:

  • Apologizing All The Time: Women have a way of apologizing for every thing, yes it’s good to own up to mistakes and apologize when needed, but a lot of women tend to apologize often even when asking for things. Whenever making a statement, try using “Thank you” rather than “Sorry”.
  • Saying “No” To Yourself: In a woman’s world, saying yes to other people and no to herself is a common thing. It is high time women put themselves first and start doing things they normally would say no to.
  • Holding On To A Painful Past: Yesterday is History they say, our past always have a way of haunting us, especially if it’s one that leaves a scar, and we women find it hard keeping our emotion in check always, but the earlier we try not to let our past affect our present, the better for us.
  • Wearing Heels Every Day: Only a honest woman will tell you how uncomfortable heels can be, and a lot of women add this to their everyday look. As a woman always embrace comfort, and make it a lifestyle. There are a lot other options that can be super stylish.
  • Judging Other Women: At this point, I find it lame, seeing a woman talking about her fellow women. Stop judging other women based on how you think their life should supposedly go.

We all want to be better women, we don’t want to be looked at as Naive, cause we are not, so let’s try by changing some of the things we do, no one can give us the respect we desire, if we don’t give it to ourselves fir

You know the drill, please join the discussion, by making use of the comment section below, thank you.

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