I would have said this is mainly for my single pringles – ladies especially – but then you might be thinking you are in a relationship whereas you are actually just dating yourself.

You know that period when you have recently just got out of a relationship or maybe not recently, maybe a couple of years of being alone and everyone around you is boo’d up and you are just sitting there wondering why your own case is different.

No one is asking for your number or more, asking you out. And then, out of the blues, this knight in shining armor knocks on your door with his teeth dazzling white and comes to you with all the lines you have always wanted to hear and you think to yourself, “finally! I can also say I have a man”.

Mind you our knight is yet to make you both official, he is still in the talking stage with you but because he is the first guy who has given you attention in months, you lap it up like a hungry dog.

No one is saying you should not be excited or whatever, of course, you should, love is a beautiful thing but before jumping down and up and losing your common sense, you need to identify if this dude is the real deal.

I most certainly do not have all the pointer signs that tell you this new bobo is dead weight, but you as a lady with already in-built intuition – if you think you do not have the womanly intuition, please send me a private message – can tell when something is off.

Take, for example, he prophesies his love for you via text – and this is when you text first but never for once has he called you and even when he does, it is probably once in 9 days to know if you are still coming over to his place, my dear sister, please run, nigga just wants to chop.

I mean if he cares about you like he says he does, then he should be able to call you at least once daily or in 2 days, forget that lie from the pit of hell they say, “I do not know how to call”.

Another example, he never wants you both to go out in public, he just only wants you to go over to this place. He may not even want to come over to your own place and you think this type of man is serious with you?

Ask yourself honest questions, why doesn’t he want to be seen in public with you? What or Who is he trying to protect? Why does it feel like you irritate him? Or are you below his taste? And then just maybe you might get the answers you need.

My dear single ladies, I know how it must feel to be alone with every other person being paired up, and truthfully, it is okay. What is not okay is you saying yes to the first guy who flashes you his teeth, that is not okay, although you might be lucky, and he turns out to be a true son of the soil, but if you are not so lucky, please do some background research on him, test him, study him carefully with your brain, not your heart, think logically when it comes to him with no sentiments and lastly, pray about him.

I wish you well. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message or message me privately. Don’t forget to leave a comment, rate this post, and share it to your social network.

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