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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Crush.

There is always this temptation to talk to your crush, and when you do, it gets awkward, and sometimes you kinda mess it up, because it didn’t play out the way you imagined it to. Well if you want to have a decent conversation with your crush, there are some things you should take note […]Read More

What Real Love Feels Like.

Is it your first real relationship or your first after a long while? It’s normal for you to ask yourself if this is real love, especially because you are in the middle of a new romance. Sometimes you get a little bit confused, feeling the person is doing the most, or it’s too soon, or […]Read More

5 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate.

Don’t be deceived by people who say “Love na scam” Love is a deep and beautiful feeling, and if you find it, please keep it.It is one thing for two to love each other, it’s another for them to be soulmates. A lot of people believe there is nothing as such, but then there is. […]Read More

What Do People Talk About On First Dates?

First dates? Very exciting and could be very disturbing as well. A lot of times, we are just so engrossed with the idea of a first date, that we leave some certain very important things. I wrote a post on who is to pay for the meal on the first date, you should check that. […]Read More

How Long Is Too Long For The Talking Stage?

I watched a Youtube Video recently and this was brought up, It was thrown to the guys though, and there was a lot of crazy answers, I’ll drop the video though, and you will tell me if you agree with the guys or not, and then tell me, how long you think is too long […]Read More

Does Age Gap Matter In A Relationship?

I know there are so many factors that affect relationships, but I’m not sure Age is one of them. Couples with a large age gap often raise eyebrows, because people find it absurd and unhealthy.We’ve heard cases where people were in relationships with a large age gap and faced tough times in it, and others […]Read More