Hello guys. I’m back with my final interview. I’m so excited to bring this last part to you guys. Just in-case you haven’t checked out the previous interviews, click here to check it out. This is entirely different from all the interviews I’ve done, so please relax and see how this interview went.

  • I: Hello dear, A brief introduction about yourself please?
    • Teenager: My name is Chidubem Nwaonicha-Emegha Keziah, I’m from Delta State, Nigeria. I am 17 years old. I am a student of Covenant University, 100 level. I am a content creator, a you-tuber, an event host. I love to talk, dance, sing and I’m 5ft6.
    • I: Beautiful. So I guess you’ve checked the previous interviews so you know what this is about?
    • Teenager: Yes
    • I: So this interview is entirely different. I feel the previous interviews were a bit too serious, so this one is going to be different, this is focusing more on you and your thoughts.So let’s start. Describe yourself in 5 words.
    • Teenager: Fearless. Determined. Blessed. Fun and Loyal.
    • I: Hmm Okay. If you could have one superpower what would it be
    • Teenager: Teleport
    • I: That’s funny, why teleporting though?
    • Teenager: If i could teleport, I would definitely be able to go to different countries, make a lot of connections and live life,like i mean enjoy life.
    • I: I see. What is the hardest job and why?
    • Teenager: A Nepa Official or an Electrician
    • I: Are you serious? Why do you think so though?
    • Teenager: See, Do you know what it means to climb a pole that has a 50% chance of it electrocuting your destiny, like the risk is a whole lot, not to talk of repairing a transformer, and also the cursing they get from Nigerians, who knows if these curses affect them.
    • I: WOW. let’s move on. What are you most afraid of?
    • Teenager: Not making my parents proud.
    • I: Yeah most teens are scared of that. Do you have a celebrity crush and who is the person?
    • Teenager: Lol yeah, my celebrity crush is broda shaggi, like i really love him oo
    • I: Broda shaggi, Mad oo, well i must say, he is a vibe.
    • Teenager: A mad one
    • I: LOL. How would you describe your parents parenting style?
    • Teenager: Hmm. It’s annoying to be honest, especially from my mum’s side, being the only girl, it’s really frustrating because anything I do wrong, they are like ” Is this what you will do in your husband’s house?” and it annoys me considering the fact that I’m an Independent woman.
    • I: I feel most female children in Nigeria face that though.
    • Teenager: Yes true, which isn’t supposed to be the way in this 21st century.
    • I: When do you feel a teen becomes an adult?
    • Teenager: Hmm. I feel being an adult is just the age yeah, like a teen is from 13-19 years and the adult is from 20 and above, being an adult has to do with the age and growth, not maturity so, I’ll say 20 years.
    • I: What’s your take on teen-suicide and teen-bullying and have you ever been bullied or had suicidal thoughts and how were you able to deal with it?
    • Teenager: Ohh yes, I’ve been bullied not physically but emotionally, I feel like as a teenager you should expect being bullied, either physically, emotionally or through social media and you should be strong enough to handle it. I have never had suicidal thoughts and i feel like we teenagers go through a lot of pressure especially from our parents and peers but that doesn’t mean we should just end our lives like that.
    • I: Lol. Alright dear, please leave a word of advice for your fellow teenagers.
    • Teenager: All I can say is be you, Love yourself. Have a wonderful relationship with God. learn something new everyday and do not be pressured. Love and light.
    • I: This was fun and enlightening. Thank you so much for doing this with me.
    • Teenager: Thank you so much for having me

Okay guys we have come to the end of the interviews and I hope you really learnt a lot from all this, and I hope you could relate with some of them. We’ve heard from the teenagers ourselves, and we have seen that these guys are going through a lot, all they need is love, support, backed up with words of advice so they can grow to become better people in the society. Thank you for reading this.

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