Are You Really Busy?

Don'r be too busy that you forget your
Like an octopus on wheels—you might be making a lot of motion, but no progress.

Everyone is busy, or at least we believe we are. Whether it’s as colossal as running a business or as mundane as watching TV all day, we all want to believe we are making use of our time—and we are. However, just wonder for a second, if you could view your life on a chart. Would you say your level of productivity increases, or is just stale? Stick with me.

The reality is that nobody wants to be left behind, hence the popular #Don’tLeaveMe. (Okay—that is on a lighter note). I once had this experience where a lady asked me if I had a business, or if I could recommend friends with businesses that she could help advertise. I got the distinct impression that she wanted to be “doing something”, so people on her chat list can know that she’s an “entrepreneur”. Now, she posts pictures of accessories and shoes until her status is but a single line (IYKYK!).

The question you should ask yourself, really, is; are you really satisfied with what you do? Can you say you find fulfilment in your life as you go through week after week of staying-at-home?

Wasted Efforts.                                                            

You cannot sincerely answer those questions without evaluating yourself. It may sound harsh, but as my mentor says, “Anything you find yourself doing that does not have any future value should be discarded”. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to having fun, neither am I advocating that you live a “perfect”, ideal life.

I’m just against the fact that you could be busy, but with the unimportant stuff. I’m writing to help you realise that you can have a fresh start (it’s not too late), but not until you let go of the habits that continue to weigh you down.

What are you doing that you should stop immediately? What pulls you down, and ridicules your efforts to live a fruitful, productive life?

Being Productive.

After analysing these questions and realising that you are better off without them, it’s time to set goals. By goals, I mean being deliberate by making a To-Do list. After all, the Bible in Habakkuk 2:2 (MSB) admonishes “Write this. Write it in big block letters so that it can be read on the run”.

Surely, it is time to pick up a book and read, the time to take up an online course and learn, the time to develop a skill and become proficient. Just take things slow and as they come. Don’t rush or try to compare yourself to anybody.

Most importantly, you will be weary, you will be tired, and you will feel like giving up—but don’t give in. make up your mind to keep pursuing that goal, no matter what.

True Fulfilment.

Have you ever experienced that satisfaction that comes with crossing an item off your To-Do list? If not, it’s definitely an experience worth having.

The true fulfilment, however, comes when you obey God’s commandments and do his will. What is His will? You ask. It’s simple actually: Walk in His Way. Be grateful to Him. Commune with Him. Keep His commandments. Obey His Word. Love Him with all your heart.

It is in these seemingly simple and straightforward commandments that we can find true peace and fulfilment as we go through life. Remain Blessed.

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