Bone Straight or Business?

Heard of Bone Straight, Yeah that’s the trending hair. It’s almost like I see it everywhere and anytime I see it, it reminds me I don’t have it. I mean the intimidation is not from this world. People who can relate will agree with me.

Let’s get to the topic, Bone Straight or Business? An average Nigerian girl will tell you business, and she won’t be wrong by saying that.

I can’t see myself buying bone straight and finding it hard to eat two square meals a day, or spending all my money on bone straight and asking a guy to sub for me or send me 2k. That’s the height of foolishness, but some girls don’t mind, Tragic.

Bone Straight is not a priority. It is only a priority for people who use it for business. If you are not on that train, it means you are getting a bone straight to show off or prove whatever it is to peers, or to intimidate others, If you don’t agree with me, kindly argue in the comment section.

I mean it’s just practical that as an average Nigerian girl earning an average salary, It is proper and sensible I invest my money into a profitable business than use it to buy a bone straight wig.

On the other hand, we have the ” I worked for it and I got it” geng. These people are the ones who have a lot of investments going on and them excluding a particular amount of money to get a bone straight won’t do them anything. Their lives will still go on and go on perfectly well.

Life won’t be complicated, if we “no go dey do pass ourselves”
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One thought on “Bone Straight or Business?

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