Lady Loses Internship Position Over Chat.

A story that made waves on the internet and stirred a lot of conversation with diverse views is the tale of a prospective intern and her interviewer. 

According to the screenshot, Emmanuel the interviewer chatted Mary up at about 5 pm, concerning her application for the role of an intern. Mary was judged as unfit by the interviewer based on her replies. 

Public Opinion 

A host of persons acclaimed Mary should not be faulted for her response since Emmanuel was not professional in his approach. The argument in favor of Mary is that the interviewer ought to have started the conversation by introducing himself, and his mission, in her private space. Some even argued that communicating with an applicant on WhatsApp is highly unprofessional. However, a host of other persons sided with Emmanuel, claiming Mary was too aggressive and plain rude. Some went on to say the company was lucky to have dodged a bullet by not hiring her.

My Thoughts

I feel Mary was all shade of rude, with temperament issues. According to the chats, He greeted her “Hello, good evening Mary” at 5:07, and she responded promptly at “5:08.” There is a possibility he was typing his introduction when she responded rapidly. Or maybe he simply wanted to confirm he was onto the right person before proceeding. A simple response of “Good evening, how may I help you, and please who are you?” would have sufficed. Instead, she responded with her words abbreviated, and her tone aggressive, which is a huge turn-off. He proceeded to ask her to calm down and let him explain, but she blew hot. If she had exercised patience and gave him a few minutes to express himself, she would not have lost the internship position. 

After he finally introduced himself, her attitude changed. She switched into typing correctly and apologizing fervently. Arguing in favor of Mary is weird because even Mary knew she was in the wrong and immediately started apologizing. However, her change of attitude like a chameleon could not save the situation as the damage has already been done. Indeed, your first impression matters a lot. 

To those who felt her attitude can be justified with a claim of being in a bad mood. Remember, at every workplace, there will be days things will get you into a bad mood, will that be enough reason to rudely speak to clients? I honestly hope Mary learns from her mistake but to justify her actions is to preach falsehood. 

Honestly, it does not have to be a professional setting before you can be courteous. Also, it is wrong to tag WhatsApp as an unprofessional setting, when it is currently used as a medium of business. People buy and sell on WhatsApp, so why can’t it be used in conducting an interview? 

Morals From the Story

  • Kindly ensure to type fully and properly at all times. Typing using abbreviations especially to a stranger is clownish behavior. I learned from a movie that one should be careful when speaking to a stranger. This is very important.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt before you blow hot. Learn to be tolerant.
  • Be courteous and nice, it will cost you nothing. 
  • When speaking with a stranger, ensure your first post explains your identity and mission. It helps to avoid unnecessary drama. 

Finally, may we never the author of our troubles.

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2 thoughts on “Lady Loses Internship Position Over Chat.

  1. I didn’t see the screenshot but in my opinion, the Interviewer’s first message should have been more than ‘good evening Mary,’ s/he would have explained who s/he was knowing that there’s an increase in Internet fraud and people try to be careful.

    The Lady should have, on the other hand, given the Interviewer the opportunity to complete the introduction.

    Your ‘morals from the story’ was spot on.

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