That a Woman doesn’t like to Do House Chores Doesn’t Necessarily Mean She’s Lazy — Medical Doctor Argues.

House Chores

A Nigerian medical doctor, Kelechi Okoro, is of the opinion that a woman who doesn’t like to do house chores shouldn’t be regarded as lazy.

Kelechi stated this in a Tweet on her handle. She opined that women should be allowed to outsource chores if they can afford it.

“That a woman doesn’t like to do house chores doesn’t necessarily mean SHE IS LAZY! What’s the point of stressing myself with chores when I can afford to pay someone to do the job? Person go hustle finish, reach house, mop, wash, pound yam, knack etc. …NAH!

There is no award for those who suffer head pass for this life.. …if you can afford it, outsource it.”

Her tweet met with so many reactions from Nigerians,

Chinomso Lewis expressed his restraint,                 

“The issue I have with this tweet is with the suffer head tag. I guess you were speaking lightly but if not, good grooming and sanitation shouldn’t be described as suffer-head.

“Employ what work best for you. but also make effort to teach the younger ones.”

Elvis Efe in pidgin,

“If na you really dey pay for that outsourcing, no wahala. No come add am join the already growing bill in the house.”

Ike Akumabor being infusing some sexual innuendo,

“No wahala just make sure you don’t outsource the knocking department to someone else.”

Together with his partner-in-crime, Prof. DANSTEY,

“You go outsource the knack join?

Meanwhile, a very serious VitaminA rants,

“God bless you for this!   Any normal thinking human being should be looking for ways to ease off unnecessary stress, not compound it. Plus, if they can’t afford, nothing stops men from helping their women out (True tho). Absolutely nothing!

Finally, Farleysmallz,

“Well said oo, my sister, if you can afford it. Don’t go and stress another person’s son (Omolomo) that he must afford it sha.”

Don’t leave here without giving your opinion. I’d love to hear from youu. To Outsource or Not to Outsource—That Is The Question.

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