As promised, the Grammy award-winning artist, popularly known as Burna-boy just dropped mad visuals to his ace song 23. The song 23 is part of his Grammy-winning album, Twice as Tall.

The song from the lyrics describes how powerful music makes the singer feel, and how highly he believes in his musical prowess. In his words;

Music makes me feel like B Jordan

Though the lyrics make it seem he was referring to the actor, Michael B. Jordan, however, from the visuals one could tell he was talking about the basketball legend, Michael Jordan. This legend that wore number 23 on the basketball court is largely considered the greatest basketball player of all time. Once again, Burna displays raw confidence in his abilities. 

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In the visuals, Burna flexed his Grammy win as a brief part of his acceptance speech graced the video at the end. The video begins with cheers and ends in cheers. Burna boy views himself as a superstar, and indeed he is one.

The song 23 is chilled, with a message of you can do all things if you keep trying. Frankly, thanks to Burna boy’s back-to-back nomination and eventual win, has made the idea of winning a Grammy no longer far-fetched for Nigerian artists.

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