Cha-cha Eke shares photo of her and her husband together, fans react.

Nollywood actress, Cha-cha Eke and her husband seem to be in good terms again, as the actress shared a photo of them together in a loved-up posture.

This comes up one week after Cha-cha Eke shared a video on social media where she said she was done with her 7-year old marriage with her husband, Austin Faani.

However the story seems to have changed, as the actress shared a photo of herself and her husband, in the photo they look very happy and so much in love with each other.


Cha-cha Eke captioned the photo with ‘two crown emojis’.

The photo comes as a shock to fans, especially because only a few days ago, Cha-cha’s brother, Ikechukwu accused her husband of posting a video where Cha-cha claimed to be bipolar on her IG account without her consent, in order to cover up at her expense.

After Cha-cha Eke posted a photo of herself and her husband on her IG account, so many fans took to social media to express their mixed feelings about the photo.

Some of Cha-cha’s fans believe she is not the one that shared the photo and that her husband was the one who did. While some are happy about the new turnaround of events in her marriage.


ebohjennifer46: Oga we know it’s u???? ?

folahgold1: The husband is operating this account . Its so obvious.

muna_chimsoo: Wahala for who no believe it’s bipolar disorder

plushkiddieshub: Nobody should put mouth in husband and wife matter. Everybody face front.

royalqueenedna: You’re really a Queen Cha Cha, get well soon.

favourdaniels8: y’all wishing this lady to divorce her husband Will you remarry her? instead of praying for her to get well, you are here judging what you don’t know. what a wicked world this is!

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Who do you think shared the photo, Cha-cha or her husband?. Feel free to leave your answer in the comment section below.

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