Cha-cha Eke’s brother reveals the reason she wants to leave her marriage.

Ikechukwu, brother of popular Nigerian actress, Cha-Cha Eke has come out on social media to reveal the reason why his sister wants to leave her marriage.

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In his message which he sent via his Facebook handle, Ikechukwu said that he has been receiving alot of calls and messages concerning his sister’s alleged failed marriage, and that he finally wants to address the issue.

According to Cha-Cha Eke’s brother, the problem in his sister’s marriage was not caused by domestic violence but by a different reason far from domestic violence.

He also revealed that his sister is in a good state and smiling.

In his words, “I’ve been receiving a lot of calls and text messages, I have seen different posts with funny captions. People have gone ahead with their own versions and have concluded what happened but no, THIS WAS NOT A CASE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ,FAR FROM IT… IT HAS NEVER BEEN A CASE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAS RECEIPTS ( SCARS, BRUISES E.T.C).”

Ikechukwu made it very clear that his sister is not going through domestic violence but something different and that he is in no place to tell the world about the real cause of his sister’s problems in her marriage.

He said,” ….similar things happen when someone’s threshold for pain has exhausted, when someone has reached an elastic limit. It’s OK to let emotions out in whichever way that works best for one as far as it does not bring harm. Please let me also use this medium to reply all messages and calls. She is very fine and smiling. I repeat this is not a case OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and it’s not my place to tell you whatever ensued.”

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What do you think a woman facing domestic violence in her marriage should do?. Feel free to leave your comments on this in the comment section below.

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