Cheetah (A Short Story)

Tunde sat on the bed keenly looking at the window with his eyes alert as he peered deeply into the darkness of the night sky as if he was expecting to see something or someone. The room was silent, so quiet that one could hear the sound of the clock ticking without a care in the world. He kept watching for hours until it started raining and his view became blurry because the rain kept pouring heavily and splashing aggressively against the window. Still, he didn’t relent his gaze. He stirred into the night trying to observe the faintest movement. “What if she had called his wife?” He kept thinking.

After hours without any eventful occurrence, he saw the gateman running to the gate. Briskly he stood up and walked towards the window to catch a better view. The gate was soon pushed open by the gateman and his wife’s car drove in. With a sigh, Mr. Tunde walked away from the window and looked at the clock. It was 11:30 pm but today was not one of those days he could quarrel with his spouse for returning home late.

Still sighing heavily he strolled out from the room and headed downstairs. The moment he entered the sitting room his wife flung the outer door open. Mrs. Tunde was a lanky and pretty lady. She caught her husband’s gaze and without smiling muttered, “Good evening honey.” Mr. Tunde opened his mouth to reply but he fell silent as another figure entered the room standing beside his wife.

Noticing her husband’s stunning look, Mrs. Tunde quickly explained the situation. “Honey,” she said while touching the shoulder of the lady standing next to her. “Jane gave me a call to inform me of her pregnancy. I don’t think she should stay alone anymore so I decided to bring her home. I’m sorry I forgot to brief you before picking her up on my way from work.” 

Mr. Tunde opened his mouth again to speak but once again words failed him. He suddenly became pale and was sweating heavily despite the continuous downpour of the rain outside. “Are you okay?” Asked a concerned Mrs. Tunde. Before he could reply, Jane who was still standing beside his wife spoke. “Alice, I don’t think he is okay.” She smiled and walk towards a now shivering Mr. Tunde. Getting to where he stood, she took his hand and placed it on her tummy. Then she turned to face his wife who was now pale and looking quite confused. “Dear Alice, your husband is the father of my baby.”

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Mrs. Tunde became as white as a ghost. Her usual dancing eyes became still while she firmly stared at her husband and best friend. Mr. Tunde bowed his head in shame but Jane maintained eye contact with her friend while smiling. After a few minutes of absolute silence, Alice broke into laughter. Mr. Tunde jerked a little but Jane remained unmoved. “You can’t be pregnant for my husband. You and I know it is not possible. You just want a share in his wealth you whore!” Barked Alice. “Why can’t I be pregnant for your husband? After all, you got pregnant for him and gave him children. Didn’t you?” Said Alice in a soft voice and still smiling. “You liar! You want to reap where you did not sow. You can’t be pregnant for him. He didn’t father your child.” Screamed Alice. “I’m sorry honey, but we both had an affair. I felt lonely and needed someone and Jane was there for me. I didn’t plan for this to happen, I am so sorry.” Said an almost in tears Mr. Tunde. “Shut up you fool!” Barked Mrs. Tunde. “Who told you, you can father a child? (She walked towards him shaking him violently) I have been covering your shame all these years you idiot. This slut is just trying to use you just for your money. You are such a slow weakling.” With those words, she let go of him and he almost fell. Amid all the facade Jane kept smiling. “Well, Mr. Tunde the cat is out of the basket. All your three kids are not yours. A DNA test will prove that.” She turned to face Alice “Dear Alice, I know you will be too greedy to share, and you would rather expose your dirty secret than allow me to enjoy this mansion with you. Thanks for not disappointing me, because now you will be thrown to the street which is where you belong. You think you can sleep with my fiance Paul and get away with it?” 

The room fell silent. Alice now realized she had fallen into her friend’s trap but there was nothing she could do to salvage the situation. Mr. Tunde stood still, but anger was written all over his face. “Get out both of you before I commit murder.” He said in a harsh voice. Neither of the women dared to test his patience.

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  1. Woow insightful!
    People will do anything to have a share even to the detriments of their own self; that glitter isn’t gold but yet everybody wants to find out for themselves

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