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2709 Updates - January 29, 2022

Crazy Church Experiences that will Leave You in Shock


Indeed, when Karl Marx termed religion as the opium of the people, he had a valid claim. 

Frankly, as the world evolves and experiences are captured on camera and displayed on various social media platforms, we are more exposed to some of the most bizarre activities that occur in churches. 

Here is a clip of rational beings subjecting themselves to being flogged on the altar by their pastor.

Truly, the church is a beautiful place of worship. The end goal of the church is to serve as a bridge between man and his creator.


In society, pastors, priests, bishops and other men of God are often held in high regard. These men or women dedicated to the service of God are viewed as exemplary figures. Unfortunately, things are not always what they ought to be.

To deny the fact that these churches and men of God sometimes derail from the path expected of exemplary figures is to live in sheer denial.

Recently on Twitter, people shared some of the bizarre moments they experienced in church. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to be stunned by some of the narrations you will be reading. Indeed, spooky things are happening.

LOL, a great movie script can be formulated from these experiences. Anyway, let’s continue.

Honestly, the idea of God is beautiful. The ideology behind Christianity is perfect. Unfortunately, this beautiful religion is sometimes abused by those who ought to be its ambassadors.

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