Daniels Regha Offers Wisdom to Wizkid on His Church Startup Post

Controversial media personality Daniel Regha takes on the task of educating Wizkid after the singer’s comments about considering opening a church.

As you may remember, Wizkid previously claimed that he could potentially establish a church if he desired to do so.

Daniel Regha
Daniel Regha.

In response to this assertion, Daniel Regha criticized Wizkid’s statement, emphasizing that a church is not a business venture and one cannot simply start one unless they are genuinely called by God.

The prominent critic clarified the distinction between a social gathering and a religious congregation, highlighting his consistent endorsement of “Jesus is King” while also criticizing Christianity.

His words: “Wizkid, Church isn’t a business, u can’t start a church even if u wanted to (unless called by God); There’s a difference between a get together & religious gathering. Everytime u post “Jesus is King” but then make mockery of Christianity. Y’all won’t disrespect other religions like this.”


Daniel Regha schools Wizkid over statement about starting a church

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