Nigerian architect gets park named after him in Canada

Nnadi was recognized for his impressive contributions to the province on Manitoba in Canada.

Excitement and jubilation filled the air as Nigerian-Canadian architect, Emeka Nnadi, had a park named after him in Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada.

Nnadi, who is a Nigerian, is an accomplished architect who played a key role in the design of the Bridgewater neighborhood in the south end area of Winnipeg.

To celebrate his extraordinary exploits for the province, the organisation of Africans in Winnipeg South Association unveiled park on Saturday, named after Nnadi.

In attendance at the event where prominent members of the community, his family, colleagues, clients, and other relatives of the architect.

Chants of ‘igbo kwenu’, a universal greeting amongst the Igbos could be heard in a short clip from the event that made social media.

Speaking about his huge achievement, Nnadi said, “I’ve been working on Bridgwater for 20 years. Yeah, it’s been 20 years from the initial inception of the concept and I didn’t do any of it expecting this as one of the outcomes of it. So I’m quite humbled by this recognition.”

“If we’re going to celebrate and commemorate my contributions to the neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, I think it’s important for me to celebrate the many other individuals who also played significant roles making this a reality, ” he said, acknowledging the support of his associates and family.

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