What’s it called now, Breakfast yeah? The rate at which people get heartbroken is out of this world. I mean so many heartbreaking stories, the list is quite endless.

There are so many causes of heartbreak, but one I think isn’t majorly talked about but is for sure existing, is too many expectations.
The truth is expectations hurts, so to avoid heartbreak try not to expect anything from anyone.

The truth of the matter is most times these expectations be very unrealistic. Let me give you a scenario, so today, I was watching this Nollywood movie on Africa Magic Epic, so you understand the type of movie I’m talking about, those that you can predict the end from the beginning.

While watching this movie, this girl who had been keeping herself as a virgin got dis-virgined and pregnant by a man who promised her marriage.


The bottom line, he didn’t get married to her, the girl suffered so much, and I had predicted that a rich man would later find her and get married to her, and they will both live happily ever after or the woman will give birth to a male child, and the man won’t be able to father a child again, so he will be looking for the girl, and once he finally finds her, he will ask for forgiveness, and she would later agree, but that wasn’t the reality, the reality was she committed suicide at the end, as she couldn’t take the suffering anymore.

Expectations can be very hurtful when they are not met, and this brings about major heartbreak.
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