Don’t Leave Me!!!!

2020 was for sure a year of diverse social media trends and challenges, and we can agree that despite the year had a lot to come with, participating in this social media trends, got us excited even in the midst of a pandemic.

One of the challenge that trended for a long while, and even went global was the “Don’t leave me” challenge, which was also known as “Wisdom”, and introduced by a social media influencer and Insta-comedian, popularly known as Josh2funny.

Let’s check out the top 5 of this challenge.
Okay before that, for those who just watched and didn’t understand what the challenge was really about, let me brief you on it.

This challenge, people come up with ridiculous puns and leave after saying it, and the people who listen, feel there is so much wisdom in it and then they run after the person saying ” Don’t leave me” do you get it now? Alright we can get to the video now.

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