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2709 Updates - May 25, 2020

Don’t Open!


Imagine the owner of a small print shop that produces labels dies of old age. His son, inheriting the shop goes through all the paper and books, and he finds a box with a sticker on top, on which his father handwrote “Don’t open”.

He respects his father’s wish and does not open the box. But he can’t let it go. Don’t Open … don’t open … do not open … what does it mean? What could be inside this little box? The son imagines all sorts of things.

After 5 years, he can no longer take it, and so he opens it. And what’s inside? About a hundred labels saying “Don’t open”.

We search for the truth. We hope we can find it behind the curtain wall and when we think we’ve got it; we discover the truth is nothing more than an empty envelope.


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