Erica and Laycon – Friends Turn Enemies.

Lucky Dube told no lie when he said your best friend today can be your worst enemy tomorrow.

After the eviction of Wathoni, Brighto, and Tolanibaj it seems the game just began. Biggie returned to the old ways of eviction and Ebuka as opposed to shaking tables broke them.

One particular table broken beyond repairs is that of Erica and Laycon. The friendship that was once beautiful turned to a bitter pill Laycon could no longer swallow as he caught feelings but Erica chose Kiddwaya as her love interest.

After Ebuka mentioned Laycon told housemates Erica tried to kiss him and she acted all surprised, it seems the friendship is destroyed forever. Prior to the eviction show, on Friday both Erica and Laycon had a conversation in which she declared that she cared more for him than Vee. However, Laycon still maintained that he needed his space to avoid a relapse. They both shared an emotional embrace but it seems such an occasion might never happen again.

Erica was seen telling Kiddwaya that she was Laycon’s sole source of fame, and would no longer speak to him so he does not use her to remain relevant. She spent time in her diary session bashing Laycon. However, Laycon in his diary session mentioned Erica as a strong contender. He also stated he would like to compete with her in the finale.

During the HOH games, they both battled it out. For a moment it felt like Laycon won but the universe had other plans. Erica won the HOH and chose Prince as her deputy. Both Trikytee and Dorathy shall be their guests.

During nominations, Erica nominated both Vee and Laycon for eviction with a smile on her face. She seemed satisfied but little does she know that he is actually the one with the strongest fanbase. Well, the battle line is drawn and it seems these two will further grow apart. Even their fans barely coexist.

Housemates Nominated for Eviction.

  • Trikytee
  • Laycon
  • Lucy
  • Nengi
  • Kiddwaya
  • Vee

The above six housemates are all up for evictions and only your votes can save them.

It seems being up for Laycon was the universe’s way of blessing him. Both celebrities and influencers have come out opening to support him. Even Teni posted screenshots of her votes for Laycon.

Final Thoughts.

Though BBN is a game, it expresses reality. Friendships go sour and your beloved can become your most dreaded. In the end, we can only bet on ourselves and on God. Who is to be blamed as the architect of their problems? I would love to read your opinions. Do well to drop them in the comment section.

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