Japan is known worldwide for its calligraphy, traditional arts and even flower arranging. It is also known to be the country that anime originated from, but asides all that, there are some interesting facts about Japan that foreigners don’t believe until they come to Japan and see for themselves.

1) Do you know that in Japan, shoes are often removed in schools, homes, workplace and even restaurants before entering. There is a shoe locker in the entrance, where you are meant to put your shoe. This is mostly found in restaurants.
2) In Japan, you will find different flavors of Icecream. Of which the most popular is green tea which is like the vanilla of East Asia at large.
3)The Japanese politeness system depends on your age, social status, blood group. So for example, If an employee wants to talk to his/her boss about his wife or child, he uses words like “my ugly wife and senseless child” just to lower himself in front of his boss.
4) You know how Zodiac Signs are very important to Westerners, that’s how Blood Group is important to Japanese. They use Blood Group to determine their love life, personality, and how well they associate with other people.
5) Japanese people are always afraid of getting wet in the rain, so they take all weather reports seriously. They take umbrellas everywhere they go, just incase rain falls. They look at foreigners in some kind of way, when they see them walking majestically in the rain, without any rain protection.
6) in Japan, you can’t resolve conflicts by having a personal conversation with the person, you need to go through immediate authorities. For e.g. The Head of the school, Your Landlord and many more.
7) In Japan, It is very normal for lovers to see each other only once or twice in a month, and there is no such thing as “PDA” there. You can only hold your partners hand in public.

Well like I said most foreigners don’t believe this, until they actually go to the country. Life in Japan can be really nice and safe, if you live in the cities and can make ends meet and adhere to their rules.

I would love to know which of these facts about Japan you found really weird and would be hard for you to comply with in the comment section below. If you read to this point and you like what you read, kindly rate this post and share. Thank you.

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  1. This is my favourite article so far?
    I love Japan
    I don’t think they are afraid of getting wet
    They always carry an umbrella everywhere they go because of the sudden rainfall and in Japan, they find it rude to walk into someone’s house wet (this can be why they are scared of getting wet)
    And also
    I think this was the old Japan (things have started changing there). I’ve watched a lot of lifestyle anime about how Japan is(their traditions and the gods they pray too)
    They don’t talk about the zodiac sign and blood groups. It’s your status they look at first, but everything is changing now
    The racism level there is getting low too
    They don’t actually care about race, this is why I love Japan

    I think what you wrote here is mostly about the traditional part of Japan
    Japan is actually divided into 9 regions

    Another way they show respect is with the names
    For instance:
    San is the most commonly used respectful title placed someone’s first or last name, regardless of their gender or marital status. Sama is a more formal respectful title — use it after the family names of your clients, customers, or those to whom respect is due.

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