Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh” Genesis 2:24.

What Is Marriage?
Marriage is a union usually between a man and a woman that is regulated by laws, rules and customs.

From the above Bible phrase, you could easily tell that Marriage was originated by God for the purpose of recreation. I have heard diverse discussions about marriage, and its so funny how people think marriage can solve every of your problems and meet all of your needs. You hear a lot of people tell you how much you should prepare before marriage, and things you should look out for before getting married but they don’t tell you what life after marriage is like.

Now the question is ” What is the brutal truth about life after marriage?” Cause sometimes we mistake this a lot. Most people see marriage as this safe place or spot where everything eventually becomes fine and everything will just sort it self out, which is bluntly false.

There are always red flags in every marriage, and sometimes we see them even before we get married( dating), but we are blindly in love that we don’t pinpoint it out, we just accept it, hoping things are going to change after marriage.

Red flags such as: secrets of the past, lack of communication and trust, immature behaviour, insecurities, low emotional connection and many more. and marriage is for better for worse, which means you have to deal with all these, just to make your marriage work.

If you think you are part of the people who went through a lot of counseling, your dating stage was so perfect, you understand your partner fully. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you are going to face a lot after your marriage. A lot of things spring up after marriage and most people can’t deal, that’s why there is a high rate of divorce cases.

So, Just Incase, you are about to get married and people who are married are telling you how sweet, lovely and beautiful marriage is ( which it is by the way) also tell them to tell you the hard part of life after marriage, and how you can deal with it, cause trust me there is.

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