Fame: A Bane or A Blessing

Have you ever listened to the song ‘Rich and Famous’ and found your imagination dazzling in the glory of being in the spotlight with the crowd chanting your name? Does that song resonate in you, one of your life’s dreams? Have you ever wished to be famous? Fame can be one hell of a drug, it is equally a miracle worker. In the words of Laycon;

Before going to BBN, when I go live on Instagram only 15 people will join, and before the end, just one person will remain.

Today, that same Laycon has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram after amassing fame via BBN.

People sometimes do the most to acquire fame. Cross-dressing, silly takes on issues, clout chasing, fake life, and lots more, are some of the tools used to gather fame lately. This is said without downplaying the efforts of those who rightly got famous for their work, or heritage. However, is fame a blessing or a curse? 

Cristiano Ronaldo is so famous he has the highest number of followers on Instagram. His Instagram fellowship is larger than the population of most countries. He has over 255 million followers. Now, that one heck of a famous man. If there is anyone that can describe what it feels like to be famous it would be him.

Here is his take in an interview;

“To be honest, it’s boring. You have a part of it which is fantastic, you’re famous, you are a fantastic player, win trophies and score goals, you’re on the front pages of newspapers and television. But after ten years, you look at life differently. You have a girlfriend, you have kids, you want some privacy. Over the past ten years, my privacy has gone. I’m not going to cry, but you know how many times I’ve been to the park with my kids? Zero.”

Source: As seen online.

Recently, Justin Bieber has been vocal about what he went through being famous at an early age. I’m sure it will be the dream of most parents to have their kids harnessing fame and wealth at a young age. Well, the one who found stardom at age 15 in his song ‘Lonely’ described his experience.

Here is what he had to say;

What if you had it all

But nobody to call?

Maybe then you’d know me

‘Cause I’ve had everything

But no one’s listening

And that’s just fu**king lonely

I’m so lonely


Everybody knows my past now

Like my house was always made of glass

And maybe that’s the price you pay

For the money and fame at an early age

And everybody saw me sick

And it felt like no one gave a sh*t

They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid.

As a teen, Justin Bieber was always on the news for his inactions. Imagine your life as a teenager being constantly judged. Such a burden he must have shouldered. Lately, the singer is trying to live a more normal life and move on from his mistakes. 

Furthermore, the rap god Eminem in his classic; ‘When I’m gone’ emotionally explained the struggle of balancing his fame and his responsibility as a father. In an interview, he explained the reason behind the song. This is what he had to say;

The guilt of always having to leave. At the time it was mainly Hailie that it was affecting. The things that I say in the song about her giving me the coin and putting boxes in front of the door to try to block it, to try to stop me from leaving, those things happened.

Source: Mojo in the morning 

Most people who are famous are both loved and hated. It is not easy having your whole life being in the spotlight, with strangers given takes on everything that concerns you. People kept talking about Blue ivy’s looks, to the point Beyonce had to limit her children’s appearance on social media to the barest minimum. 

Nevertheless, fame like I earlier said is a miracle worker. Next time, we shall explore some of the benefits of being famous.

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