Zinoleesky, the popular Nigerian musician also known as Oniyide Azeez, has stirred up concern among his fans with a recent photo that surfaced on social media.

The image captures the singer alongside his parents, revealing a noticeable change in his appearance, prompting many fans to question his well-being.

In the photograph, Zinoleesky’s cheekbones are prominently visible, and he appears thinner than usual, leading fans to speculate that he might be in the process of recovering from an illness.

Zinoleesky with his parents

In contrast, his parents appear healthy and happy, further exacerbating fans’ worries about the young artist’s condition.


Numerous fans have taken to social media to express their concerns, with some suggesting that Zinoleesky’s fondness for marijuana may be impacting his health.

Adding fuel to the fire, music executive Dami Adenuga tweeted cryptically, stating, “Zinoleesky has fulfilled what he promised his mother.”

Zinoleesky’s photo has been widely circulated on social media, and fans have been sharing their thoughts on the matter.

One Instagram user commented:

@molasilola: Zino needs to stop taking drugs; even his father looks more youthful than him.

Another user added:

@OGBENI_BAMBAM: A child appearing older than his parents, despite being assumed to be richer and younger than them. Drugs can render one futile in life. ????

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