A Nigerian man of God, Goodheart Val Aloysius took to his Facebook handle to question and send a message to the members the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria.

Aloysius sent his message to the members of SMAN via his Facebook handle.

Pastor Aloysius says stinginess to men of God can lead to untimely death

The man of God who seems not to acknowledge the joke and fum of the whole SMAN going on in Nigeria said that members of SMAN should note that men who are stingy with their man of God can lead to untimely death.

He Said;


“Hope this (SMAN) will not be extended to pastors and the ministry? Because to be stingy with your man of God can lead to untimely death?”

See His Post Below:


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2709updates also gathered that In December, this same pastor made a controversial statement on Facebook concerning people who don’t “give” freely to their pastors.

Aloysius said;

“People who are using three cars when their pastors are trekking are in trouble”.

This statement of his caused a stir on social media, many people had an opinion that the pastor was only trying to trick his followers to give him money and told him to find a legitimate job.

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