How Prepared Are You—To Return to School?

we have to be ready for resumption

It’s no news that neither the Federal Government (FG), nor the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is ready to admit students back into school grounds. The FG still stands its ground that it will not endanger students by admitting them back—not when the pandemic still gallivants around the country.

Similarly, ASUU maintains that the government still doesn’t acknowledge their mode of payment. In other words, even if students resume, there’s no possibility of sending disgruntled and unpaid lecturers to teach. Overall, the possibility of resuming next month seems slim.

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Notwithstanding, let’s not be quick to make assumptions. We all know how the federal government rescinded its decision not to allow final year secondary school students to write the WAEC—all within two weeks. I don’t need to tell you that these guys were taken aback by the news, with most of them dusting the dust off their schoolbooks, and scrambling to remember the syllabus.

What About Value?

After about six months at home, one shouldn’t expect anything less.

Granted, half a year can really change how you perceive the world. Within this period, we have seen that it is skills, instead of certificate, that pays.

What value can you add? What service can you render?

These are but a few of the questions that we’ve had to answer these past months. Interestingly, academics seems to have been moved to the bottom of the list. After all, with all we learned, how much has come into our account, right?

We Need our Schools.

Even so, academics still remains a platform for everyone—and anyone—who wishes to use it as such. Knowledge remains an asset, and it is only through it one can rule the world. To have a stable ground in the job industry, and indeed in life itself, we need our certificates and we need our schools. They’re irreplaceable.

So, have you lost faith in the education sector? Hoping we shouldn’t resume this year? Wanting schools, or at least exams, to be scrapped? You’re not alone, sincerely, but please do yourself a favour: start dusting the books now. Start catching up. We’re all familiar with Nigerian lecturers, let’s not become scapegoats.

It is my hope that at least one person will take this message seriously. Don’t worry—you won’t be alone. I’m also starting today.

Shout-out to everyone preparing for, or writing exams: Wisdom and Godspeed to you! For you that isn’t; be wise, start preparing.

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