Lionel Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona, is the news shaking the football world at an unbelievable magnitude. A world in which Messi does not play for Barcelona seems unimaginable, having been in the club since the age of 13, getting support and fame from that time till now still being in the same club, it is unthinkable to have Messi wearing the shirt of another club, but, sadly, this may be the reality in the nearest future.

The Argentine, who has been having on and off talks about leaving the club, made his decision to leave Barcelona, after the thrashing at the hands of Bayern Munich, and also because of the fall-out between him and Barcelona’s coach, Ronald Koeman.

Messi’s current contract with Barca ends next year, 2021, this makes the reality of the Argentine leaving Barcelona, even closer. But now, the question on every football fan’s mind is, “WHAT CLUB WILL LIONEL MESSI LEAVE BARCELONA FOR ?”



1. MANCHESTER CITY. Manchester city stands as the most potential and likely club, which LIONEL MESSI may join next season. Firstly, the club’s financial status is one that is able to sign in the football star. Secondly, the Argentine may also join this club, in order to reunite with his friend and Barcelona’s former coach, Pep Guardiola. Their friendship and high regard for each other, serves as a kind of security and selling-point for Messi.

2. P . S . G Neymar’s painful exit from Barcelona in 2017, was the actual beginning of Messi’s sad days at Barcelona. Messi joining this club would mean a reunion with Neymar. More so, Paris Saint -Germain also has the financial capability to sign in the Argentine. PSG also sees Messi as an additional force to their game, and having him on their team would heighten their chances of lifting more titles.

3. INTER -MILAN. It is not a secret that Inter has always wanted Messi on their team. The club went all the way out to sign in the Argentine in 2008, but failed to do so at that time, as Barca blocked the opportunity for them. But that doesn’t dwindle their hope for the Argentine to join them as they are up on their toes, waiting to seize the opportunity of having him with them this time. Having Messi on their team will definitely add to their experience and force on the pitch.

4. CHELSEA . Lionel Messi may choose to join Chelsea. The club has also shown interest in signing the football star. Signing Messi into their club, will mean more fame, more fan base, and even increase their chances of getting bigger tittles. Although, Chelsea club does not appear eager to sign in Lionel Messi, but “what’s new?”, Anything can happen in football world. The club may become serious and win the hot bid for Lionel Messi.

5. MANCHESTER UNITED. Signing into Manchester united offers Lionel Messi, the chance to return to his native land, Argentina, and to NEWELL’S OLD BOYS. During an interview with El Trece in 2018, Messi had said “I’m increasingly sure that in Europe, Barcelona will be my only club. I always said I wanted to play in Argentine football one day. I don’t know if it will happen but I have it in my mind. It would be at Newell’s. Nowhere else. I would like to do that for at least six months, but you never know what will happen.” Perhaps this is the right time for the football star to fulfill his desire, and move back to his homeland and continue his career playing in his native land .

It is Undeniable that Lionel Messi is a gem and the greatest player of all time, and all football clubs in the world, both great and small, would love to have such a great force like Messi on their team.

At the end of the day, only Lionel Messi can give the answer to this riddle, only him would choose the club he will be next season. But for now let’s try to solve the riddle. So, ” Which of these 5 clubs do you think Messi would join, after leaving Barcelona?’

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  1. I’m still not happy with the decision of Messi leaving Barcelona due to some reasons.
    However, we can’t force him to stay.

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