How to Become Famous on Twitter

Twitter is my most used App. I barely tweet but I can spend hours on Twitter, simply reading tweets and laughing at ridiculous takes. Over the years I have consciously observed how people become Twitter famous, and I am here to tell you how.

Gathering fame on Twitter is resourceful as Twitter influencing is now a craft that pays big. Unfortunately, I love the peace that comes with a simple life, so rising to fame on Twitter is yet to grab a top spot on my bucket list. Well, if it is on your bucket list, then the piece will aid you to actualize your goal.

Become Twitter Famous in Five Steps

  1. Create Multiple Twitter Accounts.

To become Twitter famous, you must be a user of the platform. Owning one account can do the trick, but owning multiple accounts can make the job easier. You can tweet with your main account, while you use the other accounts to boost your number of retweets and replies.

  1. Be Active and Engaging 

I’m active on Twitter but I barely engage other accounts in arguments or a sheer display of wit. To become Twitter famous, you must actively participate in every trending topic. Go under posts with lots of likes and retweets and drop your comments. Visibility is key. The more visible you are, the more followers you amass. People will accuse you of being everywhere, but pay them no mind.

Also, know when to speak intelligently and when to engage in banter. During banters ensure you come out strong. Mind you, Twitter is not for the faint-hearted and the crowd is known to rally towards the strongest.

  1. Spice Your Tweets with Puns, Meme, and Fitting Videos

Tweets laced with puns, memes, and videos that suit the topic being addressed, attracts engagements. If you constantly coin the right pun or have the perfect meme or videos you will soon gain a large number of followers since your tweets are highly entertaining.

  1. Strike a Relationship with an Influencer or Two

Influencers on Twitter have large followers. So when they retweet any tweet, that tweet gains visibility and more engagement. This is why they are Twitter influencers. Having an influencer that retweets your tweets is a huge plus.

You can build a friendship with an influencer by;

  • Following the influencer.
  • Constantly engaging the person’s tweets.
  • Support him/her in an online squabble.
  • Drop Interesting comments under their posts regularly.

If you do the above, you could earn a follow back from your favorite influencer.

  1. Join a Retweet Group

I have seen tweets inviting people to join a retweet group. Joining a legit retweet group can assist your rise to fame on Twitter.

In a retweet group, each member of the group follows each other and retweets each other posts. By doing this, they increase their various chances of becoming known on the streets of Twitter.

Also, in a Twitter retweet group, you can plan how to clout chase on Twitter and amass popularity.Β 


The world has gone digital. Owning a large number of followers on Twitter comes with benefits and opportunities. If you follow these steps meticulously, you can become a Twitter influencer before the end of the year. Godspeed!

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