Did you see the picture above? yeah, that one. That is caused by excessive washing, if you can relate to it, please do let me know in the comments section.

Everyone wants their skin to be smooth and soft, no one wants wrinkled skin at their young age, and of course not a wrinkled hand due to so much washing.
If you are like me, who have been there before and have a lot of questions, well this post is about to give you light on it, so be rest assured, you are at the right place.

The top layer of our skin, which is known as the stratum corneum’s is our skin’s key protective layer, but due to regular hand washing with repetitive exposure to soap, water, and skin cleansers do disrupt this layer, and over time, this leads to dry skin, further disruption of the skin barrier, and rashes.

Irritation from constant washing.

So how do you avoid this or better put heal your hands after this?

  1. Use soap-free cleansers rather than normal soap:
    These cleansers contain non-soap-based synthetic detergents (syndets), they’re less likely to remove the oils from the outer layer of the skin and are slightly irritating.
  2. Dry your hands thoroughly: Skin irritation can occur when there is excessive moisture, and water trapped between the skin, so it’s advisable to dry thoroughly.
    3: Put on Gloves: While doing the dishes or your house chores in general, endeavor to put on gloves. This protects your hand from the water and minimizes the need to wash them.

The more you scrub, the more your skin gets stressed out, and that’s a fact, so be sure to use these tips, if you know other ways, do let us know by dropping it in the comments section.

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