How To Create The Perfect Eyebrow Slit.

Did you know the Eyebrow Slit trend has gained popularity for a long time in the hip-hop community? This is more than a trend, it’s more of a culture’s heritage.
So yeah, let’s get to how to create the perfect eyebrow slit.

This just involves creating vertical lines towards the sides of your brows. Creating one or more slits in one or both of your brows depends on you. The beautiful thing about this trend is that it’s not gender-biased.

1) Get all you need: For this, you would need tape, a razor blade or an electric clipper
2) Mark it out: Draw vertical lines on your brows, where you want the slit to be.
3) Place the tape parallel to the line.

4) Shave carefully between the two pieces of tape with the use of a razor or an electric clipper

5) Gently remove the tape, to avoid pulling out your hair.
6) Repeat this same process on the other parts of your eyebrows, until you get your desired look.

Well, there you go. With these six easy steps, you can create your desired eyebrow slit. Try this out and thank me later, do well to make use of the comment section below, thank you.

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