What No One Will Tell You About Fashion Trends.

 What No One Will Tell You About Fashion Trends.
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Fashion trends change today faster than day changes into night. Young people want to prove that they are even faster than the standard, set by their favourite celebrity, by discarding clothes and phones — even when the existing ones are quite in good condition.

These days, no one wants to be left out. We want to show we are just as trendy as the next person is (maybe even slightly better).

I don’t know if you do notice, but celebrities are a major influence on the type of “designer” cloth that is in vogue. What youngsters do not notice, however, is that what is trending today may not be trending tomorrow.

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Is “keeping up” really worth it?

In other words, people are so obsessed with the “keeping up”, they do not worry about the (1) money, (2) time and (3) energy it takes for them to do so. Resources that could have been utilised to add value and achieve something productive with their personal lives. Like my mother always says, “People who watch too much TV may never become like the person they’re watching.”

The fact that really stands out — and is mind-blowing! — is that most of these designs don’t appeal to the universal sense of beauty and modesty. I mean, how is wearing a jean so low (we can see your briefs, for crying out loud) supposed to portray you as a human deserving of respect?

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Additionally, most of the phone updates that are so expensive (yet readily available) are minimal. These smartphone companies know what they are doing when they deliver an iPhone 12 (with nothing more than a camera update!) to your doorsteps, promising you a lifetime of high-resolution selfies; only to deliver another – with slightly better camera updates!

Really puts things in perspective, wouldn’t you think? (Pun unintended.)

Real fashion is from the inside out.

This is however, not to dissuade anyone from being fashionable! Far from it. I certainly wouldn’t want to stop you from looking your best. In addition to receiving compliments from others – after all, first impressions really matter, don’t they?

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Besides, being a man (or woman) of style builds up your confidence and allows you to display your personal brand.

After all, Taylor Jackson once said, “Fashion sense is simply less of following trends and knowing more of what fits you and what you are comfortable in.” (Excerpt from Onibata Mall)

A word of advice, if you wouldn’t mind: a race against fashion is a loss on arrival, because fashion is always moving forward — even after you are long gone.


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