There are so many reasons why you may want to disguise your voice over a call. It may be to prank a close friend or you not wanting to reveal your identity, or to act like someone else, or maybe just for fun’s sake. At one point, in our lives, we’ve tried to disguise our voice over a call.

Well for the learners reading this, who are really bad at disguising their voice, and despite how much they try, it’s easy to spot they are the ones, this post is for you.

  • Change the tone of your voice: If people are familiar with your deep bass voice, when disguising, it would be suitable for you to change your voice to a high-pitched one, and vice versa.
  • Pick an accent you can master quickly, be it a British accent or a Jamaican accent, something that won’t leave a thought is you. Practice it regularly, and it will be perfect in this situation.
  • Stop with the catchphrase: Now it’s easy to spot my friend who never holds a full conversation without saying “Na lie” so even if he tries to disguise with an accent or with a high pitched voice, I can tell is him, because he would get out of character and use his favorite catchphrase “Na lie”. So do away with that word, when trying to disguise, cause everyone has their word. So say this with me “Away” in Ayra Starr’s voice. I bet you are singing the song now, typical.

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