It is very normal for you not to be passionate about everything you do, so a lot of times it’s hard to tell if you are passionate about this particular thing, or that you are good at it.

How Do I Tell?

  • You find yourself zoning out: Now whenever you are passionate about something, you find yourself lost in thoughts, and all you can think of is you doing that particular thing.
  • Your focus is drifted from other things: I had a classmate who was so passionate about football, that whenever he was in class, he would be thinking of any means to get himself on that field. He will only focus after he has played on that field.
  • You are knowledgeable about everything that pertains to your skill: You know everyone who has made it in that field. You know the history of that particular thing, and trust me when I say, you never lose an argument, when it comes to it.
  • There are numerous signs of your interest around you: Now it’s easy to spot someone passionate about basketball, just by looking at his environment.
  • Nothing is as exciting as seeing someone passionate about the same thing as you: Only a true person who is passionate about football, would explain the feeling of meeting Lionel Messi in person. That feeling is priceless.

Now if you’ve never felt this way about anything at all, and you’ve never taken a risk or found yourself doing something over and over again, even after been told, you shouldn’t, then it’s not passion, it’s a mere skill.

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