It is Game Time – BBN (Lockdown).

Hello everyone, your favorite girl is back with entertainment news concerning the ongoing BIgBrother Naija  (Lockdown). Honestly, these housemates have kept the viewers locked in the show with premium entertainment. Mad vibes everywhere, ships sailing and sinking, entanglements, and plenty of drama.

If you missed out, it’s okay. I remain your plug, and I am here to take you through a recap of the finest moments of the show since last Friday.


Viewers finally got served some spicy drama on Friday, when Ka3na and Wathoni had the official first quarrel of the season. Hallelujah! The wait was finally over. Forgive me for not being a preacher of love.  

However, it was sort of a guilty pleasure watching the first confrontation of the season. Frankly, though confrontations are fun to watch, seeing someone cry is not exactly pleasant. The quarrel with Ka3na led Wathoni into shedding tears. Funny enough the whole issue originated from Wathoni calling out Ka3na’s name. It’s always the little things causing the most issues.

day, Kaisha had a clash with Lucy in which she called her “Old Cargo.” Lucy didn’t take this quite well, as she was moody most parts of the next day. It seems Kaisha is more controversial than she appears. As the housemate played “donkey” on Monday she had brief beef with Tolanibaj, and before the end of the day, she and Tochi had issues. It seems the K’s will be the most problematic this season. 

Saturday’s party

Saturday Party

Saturday’s party was a blast! Housemates dressed according to their style, and Sarz was brought to turn up the music. Tolanibaj and Erica turned out to be the queens of the dance floor. Neo and Prince proved themselves to be great steppers. 

However, Laycon and Brighto made mad vibes!! OMG! The sailor normally addressed as a pastor by viewers due to his innocent look proved he was no pastor. While Laycon showed the world the meaning of versatility. The entertainer showed that one can be an Aristotle during the day, and a Marlian at night! Lit set of housemates I must confess.

Live Eviction.

The live eviction was hosted on Sunday though none of the housemates were evicted. Apart from Ebuka’s stunning outfit, the viewers were stunned with Biggie’s twists on voting.

Apart from the HOH and deputy, every other housemate will be up for possible eviction. The four housemates with the least votes will have their fates decided by their fellow housemates. As the housemates will choose who to vote out. This is a good strategy to get people voting heavily.  Thumps up, Biggie.


The head of house games which is played at 6:30 pm every Monday, equally has an interesting twist. The previous head of the house is not allowed to participate. So Nengi didn’t take part in the game.

There was a tie between Lucy, Ozo, and Neo. However, Lucy won through a game of luck and she chose Prince as her deputy. They are both immune to eviction, but the rest of the house is up for possible eviction.

Love in Biggie’s house

Eric and Lilo, and Vee and Neo are waxing strong. TrikyTee was brother zoned by his crush Wathoni. The ship sunk before it even sailed. 

Dorathy, cleared the air with Ozo saying their friendship was affecting the housemate’s perception of her. Additionally, he can’t spend most of his time with her while he keeps describing someone else as his spec. There is a large hole in their previously intriguing friendship.

Ozo finally told Nengi he fancied her, which to him is not the same as liking her. Truly, the Ozone ship is complicated as Nengi tells Wathoni she wants to be loyal to her boyfriend, and she refused to kiss Ozo.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ship between Kiddwaya and Erica has sailed. In a dare game Kiddwaya through a 30 seconds kiss, confirmed Erica as the girl he would want to date in the house. Wathoni got slapped on the face by Kiddwaya’s action. Girl literary just showed him her underwear, still he chose Erica over her.

Obviously, the game just began and things are likely to get more intense. Nevertheless, I remain your plug, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites. Voting ends 10:pm on Thursday. Bye for now Amigos!

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