An abusive partner is one who involves physical violence or emotional cruelty. Abuse is not only physical, mental and emotional abuse also exists.

Most people only consider physical abuse as the only type of abuse, the truth is, this isn’t true. Funny enough, the worst type of abuse is the one that affects your mind.

Because to a large extent, you may not even want to admit to yourself that you are being mentally abused and if you have not accepted this fact and speak up, no one can help you.

Most of us have been in love and we know what it feels like, that giddy, lovey-dovey feeling, the excitement, and thrill that comes with being head over heels in love with someone.

Often times, it clouds our sense of thinking and reasoning and prevents us from thinking logically. And to be sincere, this is one of the reasons why most people are stuck in abusive relationships.

Abusive partners do not carry a signboard on their heads that tell you they are abusive. They look like the regular guy or lady out there that you chill and work with.

Contrary to popular beliefs, men aren’t the only abusive partners. Women can also be abusive in their relationships. I’m sure at this point, there are at least one or two persons who come to your mind. And you are not wrong to think this way.

Your best friend could be the abusive partner in her relationship, so also your brother, so also the bank cashier. Abusive partners to a large extent lack self-esteem and self-love. When you do not love yourself, you can not love the next person.

How do you know your partner is abusive?

An abusive partner has the following signs and these should never be overlooked, they

  • are not supportive of your little wins.
  • use your flaws and weaknesses against you at every chance they get.
  • do not want to see you grow.
  • make light things that are genuinely bothering you.
  • are always right, never wrong.
  • are rigid, closed to learning, and unlearning.
  • may be possessive and overprotective.
  • can be controlling.
  • are sometimes violent.
  • can be manipulative.
  • prevent you from socializing.
  • monitor all your movements.
  • are extremely insecure.
  • do not want your family around.

There are so many more attributes of an abusive partner if your partner has at least 1 of these signs, that is a huge red flag. But if you can spot more than 5, the earlier you run away, the better for you. Dead men like they always say, tell no tales.

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  1. Nice… It is also important to note that they might not all be physically abusive, some men or ladies are emotionally abusive which can be dangerous as well.

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