When we were young, we were told so many things, most of which were lies, but it was best believed that these lies would protect us and keep us from hurting ourselves. We believed so much in these lies, that we couldn’t tell how ridiculous these tales were until we grew up to be more sensible.
Let’s take a look at the lies we were told in our childhood;

  • Go and wear your slippers, your Dad and I would wait for you.
  • Give me your money, let me keep it for you.
  • If you swallow an orange seed or chewing gum, the tree will grow in your stomach.
  • Tell me the truth, I will not beat you.
  • When I was your age mate, I use to carry 10 jerrycans of water.
  • When you cut your hair, you look fine.

There are so many, but then I believe we can all relate to this list. As a little child, in a Nigerian home, these were common lies that we were told, they were false, they were hilarious, but then it all sums up to childhood memories.

Let me know in the comment section, a lie you were told as a child, that only when you grew up, you found out it wasn’t true.

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